2014 Interior Design Trend

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    If there's something we can learn to love this year, it's these six trends. From painting our walls a deep hue to incorporating blue accents, these trends are just as doable as they are beautiful. Each rather timeless, you'll be relieved to know that these are looks you can (and should) commit to. Here's to making your home as on-trend as your wardrobe in 2014!

     Although we'll always be a fan of dark wood, a lighter grain is all the talk for 2014. Look for pieces made of warm woods such as walnut and oak with a finish that isn't too overbearing.
    Whether it be a rich shade of cobalt or bright turquoise, you can't go wrong with blue hues. You'll make the biggest impact showcasing this trend by repainting your walls (take your pick from this selection of paint) or re-covering your sofa in a daring fabric (maybe velvet?).

    This year might require us to all get a bit more organized thanks to the open-shelving trend. It's a seriously chic way to display kitchenware. One rule of thumb: keep it cohesive with minimal dinnerware; this is not a trend that favors an eclectic mix.

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